New Release!

Hideo Kojima

I'm excited to have a new release hot off the press!

This shirt design is essentially my tribute to one of the great game designers Hideo Kojima. I remember way back in the day when the original Metal Gear was first released. It was so ahead of it's time; and honestly being a kid who had never encountered a stealth game, I just didn't get it! I think we left the game alone for months before getting into it , but once we did man what a game. I actually think I appreciate it more now as an adult than I did as a child.

Metal Gear Nintendo

I was inspired to make this design from Kojima's logo for his new studio. I also threw in some Metal Gear motifs as well. I always liked that Foxhound logo, can't beat a fox with a knife in his mouth! Anyways, I hope y'all dig it! Until next time.

Big Boss Fan Art