Sooooo, where have I been? I've been a bad boy. I've neglected Bushido for awhile as I started an online comic book. But it's pretty cool and if you like comics you should check it out! I worked really hard on it! Updated regularly?

 Also, I have another really big project coming soon that I think will really help out with Bushido and I'll be unveiling that soon. Working hard behind the scenes here and I'll be releasing a new shirt really soon! Promise!

Yeah Yeah

All quiet on the western front. Yeah I know it's been a bit silent lately. I actually have a new pin in production coming real soon! I didn't know it would take so long honestly, but hey now I know. Also, I'm working on a comic book as well. So there will be a lot to talk about real soon!


Been thinking of making pins, I plan on branching out into more areas of print. I made some postcards awhile back for a kick-starter project; and I think some of the designs would make for pretty dope pins. More pins, patches, and posters. That alliteration tho.