What's the point?

What's the point, get it? Cuz I did some pointilism stuff and ehh. So yeah got a new shirt dropping this month, so will definitely be posting about that. It's kind of hard for me to blog as I'm not used to talking about or promoting myself: but I am getting used to it. Oh yeah gonna be doing more patches, pens, and posters too . Ooohh that alliteration tho. But anyways, be on the lookout for that soon. Okay Byeeeee.

Happy New Year

2018 will be here in a few hours, and I'm starting the year off right. More posts,more art, more cool stuff. I'll probably be branching out into more posters and print based products. Even maybe comics? I dunno yet, stay tuned. I'm still researching getting on Pinterest. It's not so simple! Well, the business part anyways. But I'll have that up and running soon. And I'm making a resolution for weekly blogs, hopefully I'll have enough to say on a weekly basis, some weeks may be gibberish. Anyways, here's some art! See you next week! 

I've been bad

Martyr's Rest

Okay, yeah I haven't been doin what I said I would do. Namely, write more blogs. Well, I'll be remedying that shortly. I'll be posting more artwork and it will all be going on the blog. Still getting settled in my relatively new place. So keep your eyes peeled.

But on the bright side I got new stuff!!!! I've decided to branch out of clothing into posters and you're getting a look at my first one. Grab Martyr's Rest in the store!