Odds and Ends

Recently, I've challenged myself to post to the blog more. So starting today I'll be blogging on  a regular basis. More updates on what's in the pipeline as well as sketches and odds and ends are on the way. I'll also be sharing my thoughts in general about Bushido and it's direction. Speaking of which I think I need to post on social media more so I'll be starting a Pintrest page soon, so more about that soon.

Also being that patches have already been released; I think I'll be making more non-apparel. There's a lot of cool stuff out there to be made and dammit I'm gonna make it! So be on the look-out for some posters and pins and lots of other things! Talk to ya soon! Lot's of exclamation points!!!!!

New New Release!

Yeah, yeah I know. I haven't kept up with the blog or releases as I should. But I've got an excuse! So about a month ago I moved from LA up to the bay area of northern California. I now reside the little town of San Pablo. Why would I move? Well, this design label plain and simple. I'm saving money so I can plow more of it into this little operation. That means more releases, more blogs, and more cool stuff in general. So stay tuned, and hey check out the new stuff while you're here!

New Release!

Hideo Kojima

I'm excited to have a new release hot off the press!

This shirt design is essentially my tribute to one of the great game designers Hideo Kojima. I remember way back in the day when the original Metal Gear was first released. It was so ahead of it's time; and honestly being a kid who had never encountered a stealth game, I just didn't get it! I think we left the game alone for months before getting into it , but once we did man what a game. I actually think I appreciate it more now as an adult than I did as a child.

Metal Gear Nintendo

I was inspired to make this design from Kojima's logo for his new studio. I also threw in some Metal Gear motifs as well. I always liked that Foxhound logo, can't beat a fox with a knife in his mouth! Anyways, I hope y'all dig it! Until next time.

Big Boss Fan Art