The Inspiration

See! I told you I'd be updating this regularly-- three posts already. I figured I would give a little insight into the first designs and what inspired them. A lot of my work is inspired by-- well, basically whatever I'm into at the moment.

For the first release, I was inspired by the super stylish indie hit game Hotline Miami. What to say about this game? The 80's inspired aesthetic is awesome, along with a cool, odd soundtrack all wrapped up in a mysterious story that's just weird as hell. I just love the low- grade, grungy pixel art. And of course as is the current trend it's tough as nails. If you dig indie games you should check it out.

It hasn't only inspired me artistically, but plenty of other artists as well. If you google it, you'll see what I mean. Anyways, I will probably revisit this theme again sometime, as it's ripe with potential.